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Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission

Corporate Club Nepal is a corporate event management-consulting firm established in 2009 that provides one-stop solution for managing various types of events on client’s need. With years of experience in managing international level conferences such as HR Meet, Sales Summit and Nepal Management Conclave, we can customize any need of your organization in PR management, event management, CSR management and media management. We also provide a platform for professionals to enroll themselves in our club with membership.

Our future plans range from providing various business services to providing exclusive recreational facilities on a regular basis and special events and programs during off business hours and holidays. This plan entails developing facilities like library, various indoor and outdoor sports, talk shows, idea sharing workshop, fitness center and mini restaurant and bar.


To establish itself as a pioneer and finest professional event management company of the nation


  • To organize and manage international level conferences, seminars and workshops
  • To incorporate professional assistance to the client company who wants to organize its own programs
  • To create a common platform for professionals for their networking and recreational activities


Our Objectives

  • To organize and manage corporate events like conferences, seminars, workshops and any other programs.
  • To create a common platform for interested individuals from different sectors of the society for recreational, pragmatic and service-oriented activity.
  • To provide office supplies, undertake contracts and provide support services.
  • To create an online platform for members to enable them to buy and sell various services at their convenience.
  • Promotion of various services and products through advertisement and other medium.
  • Sales and purchasing of secondhand goods through web and other available portals.
  • To conduct various training programs and provide various services related to training.
  • To conduct activities regarding personality development and research and development activities.
  • To provide consultancy services on an as required basis to Nepal Government and its units, national and international business houses, industry, groups and individuals regarding entrepreneurship, management, market management, feasibility analysis, and technical assistance.
  • To conduct competitive activities like sports, corporate sports, drama and various events.
  • To organize and coordinate activities to felicitate senior citizens, outstanding individuals in the field of social services, arts, acting, academia, and national personalities.

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