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HR MEET 2023

HR MEET 2023

Restoring Human Aspects in HRM

Managing people is different and far more challenging than managing other resources, primarily because people are alive beings with varying degrees of interest and motivation. An individual’s worth to any organization extends beyond the periphery of knowledge, skill and ability to encompass the wider realm of attitude, personality, values and interests, among many other attributes. These human aspects, therefore, must constitute the core of any result-driven HRM policy and practice. Within this context, it would probably be fair to say that these very human aspects have gradually taken a back seat over the years in the way organizations in Nepal have gone about managing people, and hence the current state of affairs calls for some conscious efforts towards their restoration.


Objectives : 

  1. Discuss current status with regards to incorporation of human aspects in HRM
  2. Discuss required changes in HRM policy and practices for restoring human aspects
  3. Discuss the need for and  any ways to create a  happy workforce for organizational productivity
  4. Discuss phycological contract, employee engagement and management of future workforce

Who Should Attend ? 

  • All HR and professionals
  • Department Head
  • Managers/ Line Managers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Other professionals interested in HR



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